Think stable-smart when it comes to hygiene and disease control in your equestrian business. Think Hippofix!

Invest in a Tow And Collect Manure Collector

It works gently for clean and fine pastures and reduces the risk of parasites.

Stables and trailers

Our products make disinfection easy with efficient and environmentally optimised products. Hippofix turns into oxygen and water when used. It kills the coronavirus and reduces the risk of infection among horses. It comes in a spray bottle and is also available for effective disinfection trolleys.

Use Hippofix drinking water treatment in the water with dosing bottle or pumping technique. Provides cleaner water in an environmentally smart, simple and smooth way. The horses drink more water and the growth of biofilm in the water tank is significantly reduced. It will be easier to keep clean. It will also be easier to ensure water quality during travelling and transport

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