The Hippofix water treatment agent gives you the certainty that your horses will get the exact amount of water they need.

Horses like clean water

Water that has been purified with Hippofix water purification has several advantages. Horses prefer drinking outside And stagnant outdoor drinking water stays fresh for several days longer thanks to Hippofix’s long-term effect. The horses also drink more in the stable when the water has been purified with Hippofix.

With Hippofix water purification, you can be sure that the horse gets the amount of water it needs. One liter of water purification is enough for 1,000 liters of water. Expect your horse to drink at least 30 liters of water per day with Hippofix purified water.

Removes biofilm.

In water pipes, a film often appears after a while, also called microbial biofilm. According to current research from Karolinska Institutet, the membrane is a way for bacteria to protect themselves and become more resistant. Under the protective film, the bacteria can then multiply.

By adding Hippofix long-acting water purification, the membrane is removed and the bacteria are never given the opportunity to form a new biofilm and thus no bacterial colonies, which effectively prevents, for example, outbreaks of quark. The water is kept clean from the source to the horse’s mouth.

Hippofix is based on hydrogen peroxide in a certain concentration combined with a stabilizing gel. The bactericidal effect of hydrogen peroxide is well proven and also affects multi-resistant bacteria. Hippofix is future-proof and chemical-free without environmental impact.

Kills viruses

Recently, Coronavirus has also been detected in horses. The symptoms are fatigue, loss of appetite and fever. Hippofix is a viricide, ie also virus-killing and therefore acts as an effective infection control against all types of viruses in drinking water.

“All our horses get Hippofix-purified water because we have it in the water pipes. When we started using it, we saw that the horses drank 30 percent more water. And in general it is good to meet the horse’s natural needs. We can also be sure that the water does not make the horses sick. ”

Ulf Hedenström
Veterinarian at the horse industry’s national facility Wången

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