Good effect, good price and minimal environmental impact.

Clean stables — healthy horses

Hippofix disinfection is a cost-effective product for infectious diseases control for horses. It is versatile and can be used for disinfection of feeding troughs, water dispensers, water tubs, horse transport vehicles, stable boxes, shower walls, farriers’ tools, etc. Hippofix surface disinfection is easy to apply and does not need to be wiped off.

Hippofix disinfection contains long-acting hydrogen peroxide, which is harmless to both animals and people as well as the environment. After the hydrogen peroxide has been applied to the area in need of disinfection and it has exercised its effect, its only by-products are water and air. Thus, Hippofix is a future-proof disinfectant that will remain permitted for use despite the stricter chemicals legislation in Sweden or the EU.

Breaking chains of transmission

In case of an outbreak of fungal infections such as dermatophytosis (ringworm), bacterial diseases such as strangles and viral infections like equine herpes virus or coronavirus, Hippofix disinfection is an effective agent for infectious disease control that functions as both a fungicide and virucide as well as sporicide. Surface disinfection is applied on all surfaces where there is a risk of the transmission of a disease.

The disinfection of larger stables, for example, at trotting facilities, can benefit from the use of fogging. Empty the stables of animals and spread the disinfectant in the premises through fogging. The fog can penetrate into every nook and corner, attacking spores and loosening any biofilm that has been formed. Once the premises have been aired out, they are disinfected, and the horses can return to their boxes.

Prevents mud fever

A good box hygiene prevents a common disease, mud fever, that ordinarily affect horses in the autumn. The recommendation is to clean the horse’s bedding at least once a day, depending on the length of time the horse spends in the box. Hippofix is antiseptic, facilitates cleaning work and is gentle on the horse, whether it is healthy or has already come down with the disease.

“Before Hippofix, we used a rather aggressive disinfectant. Every time we released it into a stables block, it caused quite a commotion. Hippofix is completely superior to it and far ahead of everything else. It is the combination of good effect, good price and minimal environmental impact that helps fill a gap that has existed on the market.”

Ulf Hedenström, Veterinary at the Wången Equine Center of the Swedish Horse Industry Foundation

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