Hippofix wound wash is an easy way to ensure that your horse’s hooves are free from bacteria all the way in.

Healthy hooves are strong hooves

Hippofix wound wash has quickly turned into farriers’ favorite. The advantage it presents is that it easily penetrates into cracks, hoof wall separations or nail punctures and then kills any bacteria there. A good hoof hygiene prevents problems such as hoof abscesses, hoof decay, white line disease and thrush, all of which are caused by bacterial infections. Hippofix wound wash is a simple way of assuring yourself that the horse’s hooves are free from bacteria — all the way in.

When a horse is being worked or shod, the Hippofix wound wash antiseptic is a great germicide. Hoof infections can be stopped on time if hoof wall separations and cracks are cleaned with wound wash. Naturally, Hippofix wound wash can only be used as a complement to regular and adequate hoof care.

Hippofix wound wash leaves only two by-products: water and oxygen, which makes the antiseptic harmless to either animals or nature.

Cleaning all the way in

Rinse off any visible dirt before applying Hippofix wound wash. Small bubbles will appear once the solution has been sprayed onto the area intended for treatment. The tissue will appear to be cooking. This happens when hydrogen peroxide attacks bacteria, spores or viruses. The solution reaches all the way in and exercises an antiseptic effect. Once the tissue has stopped bubbling, Hippofix has finished its action, and the tissue is clean.

Hippofix wound wash has many areas of application and is therefore popular among veterinaries, farriers and horse owners. It is just as effective as a wound wash when it is applied on dogs, cats or sheep.

Prevents MRSA

Pursuant to the Swedish Medical Products Agency, antibiotics must be avoided to the extent possible in order to reduce the risk of antibiotic resistance in bacteria — one of the greatest threats to public and animal health in the future. Therefore, infections should be counteracted by preventive measures. Hippofix wound care is an effective way to prevent serious infections in horses and thus reduces the need for antibiotics.

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