Package drinking water purification


Drinking water purification

Dosed directly in a bucket or a water tank.
Prevents the growth of bacteria and biofilm and adds oxygen.
-The horses drink more water *
-Better water quality
-Easier to clean the water tank
Dose approximately 10 ml per 10 liters of water. Dosage table can be found on the bottle.
Ideal for performing horses and to prevent colic etc.
Easy to bring along on a trip.
Contains our uniquely stabilized hydrogen peroxide which is food approved * and is also used to purify water for humans.


Dosing pumps from DOSATRON have many uses in disinfectant dosing. Proven flexibility, speed and efficiency in the treatment of drinking water.

Dosing pumps from DOSATRON are installed in drinking water facilities in enclosed pasture and are used to reduce bacterial biofilm by disinfecting the water system.