Hippofix Exterior cleaning

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Hippofix Exterior cleaning is a whey-based degreasing agent that effectively dissolves dirt and biofilm. The product is gentle on humans, animals and the environment because all ingredients are natural and 100% biodegradable. This also makes Hippofix Rengöring a future-proof solution and it is permitted under Swedish and European chemicals legislation.

The detergent is available as a concentrate or pre-diluted ready to use. For best infection control results, Hippofix Rengöring should be applied and rinsed off before disinfection.

When cleaning larger areas, Hippofix Rengöring can be applied with different types of aids. Please contact us and we can advise you on knapsack sprayers or dosing equipment installation.

Instructions for use

Shake before use.
Dosage: Dilute 1 part Hippofix Exterior cleaning with 9 parts water (1+9).
In case of severe soiling, increase the concentration.
If possible, always remove loose dirt before starting cleaning.
Apply with a sponge, spray or brush. Allow to act for about 10 minutes and rinse with water. Repeat as necessary.
Bath cleaning – Clean in bath until oil and dirt are loose. Heating the bath to 60°C gives faster results. Wash and brush off with clean water.