An effective way of preventing serious infections in your horses.

Gentle wound care for the horse

Boiling out the wound

Rinse off any visible dirt before applying Hippofix wound care. Small bubbles will appear once the solution has then been sprayed into a wound, an abscess or a fungal infection. The wound will appear to be cooking. This happens when hydrogen peroxide attacks bacteria, spores or viruses. The solution reaches all the way in and exercises an antiseptic effect. Once the tissue has stopped bubbling, Hippofix has finished its action, and the wound is clean.

Many veterinaries use Hippofix wound care in field surgery as a complement to other antiseptic agents. Horse owners also use the product on other animals, for example, sheep and dogs, with good results.

Prevents MRSA

Pursuant to the Swedish Medical Products Agency, antibiotics must be avoided to the extent possible in order to reduce the risk of antibiotic resistance in bacteria — one of the greatest threats to public and animal health in the future. Therefore, infections should be counteracted by preventive measures. Hippofix wound care is an effective way to prevent serious infections in horses and thus reduces the need for antibiotics.

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