Hippofix drinking water purification permanent installation stable

Rent a Technology package for dosing of Hippofix Drinking Water Purification

Connected to incoming water pipe to the stable or the entire facility. SEK 632 excl. VAT / month for 36 months.

The pump dispenses 100ml per 1000 liters of water. The cost for the consumption of Hippofix Drinking Water Purification is approximately SEK 320 / year (excl. VAT) per horse, if you count 50 liters of water per horse and day.

Included in the technology package:

• Pulse-generating water meter
• Dosing pump
• Injector valve
• Level monitor Lamp that turns on when you need to change the can.

If necessary, we will come on site and clean the existing water pipes from biofilm that has been collecting in them for many years.
If the water pipes are a few years old, the water that is flushed out during the cleaning will be contaminated with biofilm that detaches from the pipes.
When Hippofix Dricksvattenrening is continuously dosed afterwards, no new biofilm will be formed in the water pipes in the same way.

Please contact me regarding permanent installation of Hippofix Dricksvattenrening